Shit Shower Shave

by Allowed Noise

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released December 25, 2012



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Allowed Noise Michigan

Allowed Noise is a Hip-Hop group comprised of Ben Holmes, Pick Up, and the regularly featured songstress Hannah May

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Track Name: New Year
Like oh my god, I'm so glad 2012 is over
This year is gonna be like so much better
Like for sure
Who's gonna buy me a shot?

(Pick Up)
Gotta stay high
Its the only way up
Can't hang with the worms cause they change as the day does
Lost in my thoughts and its hard to even state one
Hate the game of life cause its nothing but a playground
Don't want to see nobody til i receive more money
stresses got me buggin people don't judge me
stomach hungry, no vision lacking ambition
its difficult in this business if you're not a politician
This crazy life we live in
the masses like an image
But I can only be me, not a lifeless gimmick
Allowed Noise, you either get it or you don't
My words are like barbiturates, turns women into hoes
You haven't heard of half the words I spoke
But i still massacre the flow like Nasty Nas in '94
Not a tad bit grimy or
Sheisty, you don't have to like me
But don't you ever label me as talentless
Bite me!

It's a new year
Here's to the memories
It's a new year
Do ya'll take plastic?
It's a new year
Can't adopt an animal
It's a new year
Give me my lighter back!
It's a new year
I got my wallet
It's a new year
I got my keys!
It's a new year
I got my phone!
Lets GO!

(Ben Holmes)
Resolution out the window
Throw away that baseball card collection
Managed to make it out of the basement
And take it to places
that were poppin on a regular basis
Back when we used to watch movies at the Palladium
And go early to watch batting practice at Tiger Stadium
Made me feel like they say she's done
They say she's dumb, but I know that's not true
I baught a gun
Filled it with hot glue
Aimin it at whoever is trying to keep it together
Wheather you want to be better forever
Or just the right now
Pull the pipes out!
Smoke that crazy shit
I'd be down if my dealer still had regs
These days I lose my balance
to easy
And I don't want to pass out in your dads bed
She lost friends in 2012
But before the end
Jumped back in like what the hell
She had a smile on her face
Now I got a new lady in my life
Hey, hey come back here with my lighter!
If you need I mean take it thats fine it's not mine
I wanna see somebody make it
Allowed Noise on the flier
Get em up higher!

(Hook) (Pick Up)
It's a new year
It's good to be alive
It's a new year
I'ma be 25
It's a new year
Maybe find god
It's a new year
Finally move out my moms
It's a new year
Get a better job
It's a new year
Or a least a raise
It's a new year!
Pass the chron
Shit Shower Shave!
Track Name: Q&A
Produced by Levi Stubbz

(Verse 1)
(Pick Up) What is time?
(Ben Homes) Its the measurement of change
(PU) Does it actually exist of is it simply in the brain? Is existence objective?
(BH) Nah, its just perspective
(PU) So what's the meaning of meaning, values and all the rest if
human beings are only left with
their educated guesses and speculative theories
There's no end to these here questions
(BH) What is sound?
(PU) Its the way that molecules move around
through a medium
(BH) What about the evening sun? Where does it go?
(PU) To the opposite side of the globe
giving other people a chance to shine
(BH) Til its their time, what is death?
The end of the line and the perfect opportunity for family members to gather together
What is forever?
(Both) Nothing! improbable endeavor
(PU) Everything must end so let that add a sense of pressure
The game of life ain't no double header
Take the pain with the pleasure,
the sunshine with the rainy weather
and ask yourself what the hell you're doing here
(BH) Keep all your letters and souvenirs
Throw away those new veneers
Forget about who is weird
(Both) We're all steering in the wrong direction

Wake up!
The answers are right under your nose, you know
Look up!
All we have is now, it goes
(repeat) (On and on and on and on and on..)

(Verse 2)
(PU) Man what is love?
(BH) Fulfillment of the spirit
When you're under pressure and you still feel at your clearest
What is war?
(PU) I don't know no more
Its satisfying your own needs through your selfish inner core
and what are friends in disguises?
(BH) With thin eyes that lie about the evidence of their relentless enterprises
What is space?
(PU) The place between the then and now
the emptiness you face when you look up and down
And what is consciousness?
(BH) Its energy created
The experiences you encounter on a day-to-day basis
Why does hate exist?
(PU) and why is fate a bitch?
Why doesn't life get better for a shameless atheist?
And what is religion?
(BH) Belief in a question
A helpful set up a lessons for those who are stressin
Who started this migraine?
(PU) I sigh again, too much
(BH) introspection
(PU) got me resisting the Smith N Wesson
I guess I'm smarter than you thought
Allowed Noise is harder then the other artists you bought
Who am I?
(BH) the same as us, nothing but sand in an intergalactic sandal
you'll understand when I ask you what is suicide
(PU) Its when you collide with the truth of life
and realize you've been living a stupid lie
When will i wake up from this nightmare? Damn!


(Verse 3)
(BH) No second guessing dear
I'll be the one asking the questions here
As the anticipation grows, get up, get out and get something
The answers are right under your nose
(PU) life comes and goes quicker than a thunderbolt
Is it yahweh or Allah?
if mother nature's a ho, who's the dada?
Been wondering the same shit since I was saying "Goo-goo-ga-ga"
Who's the four year old that made your Prada's?
(BH) That's why you'll never find those threads on this immaculate birthday suit
Gotta make it through the lunch break and the work day too
Ask Stephen Hawking, humans invented timelessness
Does anybody know what time it is?
(PU) Who cares as long as you're the shiniest
And I'm just trying to get
Where the stars be
These lights, who knows how far they'll reach
(BH) There's always more sharks in the sea
And life's a beach
So jump in with both feet, and like a lifeguard save somebody!
Swim towards the heroics
Remain stoic
(PU) Like these two poets
Inhale the potion cause when we're gone
You're gonna quote this

(Hook 2x)
Track Name: When The Bomb Drops
(Verse 1)
(Pick Up)
Beer in one hand, cigarette in the other
Dick in a bitch's mouth while I contemplate and wonder
what I'm breathing for, girl I need to go
she deep throats then I leave her yo
Stop at Benny Holmes', pen a poem
then tell him I best be going
"Ben I best be going"

(Ben Holmes)
Lets leave open the schedule and
wait for the rest to pull in
I got that special full blend of acoustic sense
feeding vegetables and nutrients
on the plate with all the acrutrements
Holla at me

(Pick Up)
Influence em through truth in jest
Brag a bit and prove the rest
Who's the best to do this, bearing it all like a nudist
No jewelry or flashy cars to cruise in
Stacking bars like zanex was in my fluids
its a globe filled with stupid B.S.
and peaks we ain't seen yet
A long shot to reach em
But dog I ain't leavin

(Ben Holmes)
Its only just begun
And everything we've done
to climb up to the precipice
Irrelevence enlisted in the sentences
When the bomb drops the wind is nonstop
and everyone's gonna ask for your autograph
The pretty girls will call you back
and wanna go out to dinner with you know who
(Pick Up -me?)
you! Yeahh!

(Pick Up)
Super! but that's not the motivation
of a starving artist losing his patience
Amidst surrounding carnage
Until the bomb drops on us and armageddon sounds
We hit em hard on every song
Who's ready now? Let's get it on!

Its a globe filled with long shots
A know nothing contest
A bone crushing conquest
Who will end up on top
Face the music and take the movement to another level
We'll all be here when the bomb drops
Its a globe filled with long shots
A know nothing contest
A bone crushing conquest
Who will end up on top
Face the music and take take the movement to another level
We will all be here when the bombs drop

(Verse 3)
(Pick Up)
Nothing makes sense anymore
now that I'm twenty-four
Its mass confusion as we stagger towards the exit door
of reality, losing our humanity
Running each other over like animals acting savagely
Not to beat a horse but this is core to my personality
I speak on what i actually see, feel and naturally
my raps are like a frantic plea
Jesus don't abandon me
Please don't leave me panicking
Need a different plan I think
Began writing like it was in my genes
short stories and poems
more or less those sort of things
Somehow found release, it kind of felt like therapy
carrying me through all bullshit that i keep buried deep
still there's no peace, we're built to eat like wilderbeast
But can we elevate to a place where all the killings cease?
It really seems there's no way we'll change willingly
If history repeats we're pretty screwed, you feelin me?
Used to be a rapper, became a revolutionary
The beat is just my tool to reach the few people who hear me
Express my heart lyrically and carefully
give a hundred to the craft, anything less is parody
And I don't mean to bring you down
but I'm a downer on downers
Run through lines like the old me on the powder
I hope you're empowered by the bombs that i drop
its an uphill climb
To make it to the top

Track Name: Emergency Room Vol. 3
Okay bitch
The fuck did you just say to me?
Don't make me come over and slap that fuckin smirk off your face
nasty ass cunt!
(Pick Up)

Buy me a drink
cause I don't want to think too deeply, deeply
I came to hang with my friends
So lighten up
The end ain't coming soon
Boys take it easy, easy
Believe me, you're not the only one

(Pick Up)
Yeah, my best kicks on, t-shirt fresh as hell
Breath mints in my left pocket smilin gentleman style
do whatever it might take to bring your feminine out
from heavy set to light weight, i regulate them females
like Warren Griffen the third
I'm slick when I spit these words
if your husband come around then i'mma flip him the bird
got no twitch in my nerves except when i hit the herbs
and begin thinkin' way too deeply bout this prison called earth
but that's a whole nother topic, just came to rock shit
Til my lungs run out of oxygen like big, pun, and pac did
a simple punk ass pothead
Afflicted with a bug that rots in
His soul, if god's my co-pilot
who the fucks hijacked the cockpit
my flow is heroine, yours is knock off suboxon
If you wanna catch a buzz then up your lyrical content
with all i fear and loathe I'll prolly go out like Hunter S Thompson
Bullet hole in my skull from being fully fed up with nonsense
Eons beyond like half my peers, hey the fact is clear
when it comes to rap way past my years
Raise your hand up in the atmosphere
came with Hannah and the man in the beard
with a bad attitude and a massive pair
Crafts intact, fuck the crap that you hear
If you cant understand clear the wax from your ear

(Hook repeat)

(Pick Up)
How come none of this make sense
losing friends, its a mystery
People die left and right, why you gotta do this to me Lord
Its hard when death is knocking, much harder when he get through the door
To drag your homie's corpse out from your life, forever seen no more
Best be ready for
Judgement day but what to make
of this crumbling world, is it luck or fate
That I'm I out of now god what's at steak
when priests butt fuck, imams preach hate
My thoughts been deep since my younger days
If they keep it up, i might be next on the Free Press' next front page
(Ben Homes)
Pro I be walking around living below my means
with my headphones on mute
More work, what don't I need
Scatterbrain castaway black sheep lacerating tracks I make
masturbating just to pass the day
Living in my frontal lobe
running and nobody knows
when it comes and goes
whether I'm in bummy clothes
or fresher than a Christmas eve service with the parents
Extenuating a facade, embarrassed and careless
(Pick Up)
Like I don't give a fuck
Second rate is how I live in this land established on lies
Where the truth can't be defined half the time but still gets radicalized
Religions gets sabotaged, politicians sit back and plot
While combatants die over what!
(Ben Holmes)
That's because life doesn't play fair
as we watch em wave their white flags in the air
F___ a state stair
Scientific with my rhyming business
Orca whales are dolphins and koalas ain't bears
(Pick Up)
Animals aren't people but people are only animals
Live like nothing matters dog, jack a car and smack a broad
Why would I be a gentleman when I know you've been with many men
So take this bump of adderall and let me in your head again
(Ben Holmes)
I'm heading in the direction, I think I should let you know
that there's a body on the tracks and I'm about to run it o-ver
No-where you're going cause if you don't serve
You're gonna... (crash sounds)
Track Name: Void of Emotion (Ft. Joe Average)
(Hannah May)
Moving away
Today going
Only escape
Void of emotion

(Joe Average)
Moving away
Running in place
Only embrace
Void of emotion

(Pick Up)
Life is a gamble that I can't win
Man I gave a broad my heart
and she trampled it
Pushed me past my limit
Yeah, look at how I'm livin'
Like I didn't exist
before I met this damn woman
Confidence is gone
A part of me is missin'
Like I'm lost enough to wonder
what it was from the beginnin' huh!
Reality's a cinema
and I don't the script at all
But I could read a phony actor like literature
Listen up I'm sick of ya'll
Cause every girl is similar
They get you whipped
and then they bounce
It's downright pitiful
I was immature for that "You & I" track
What other choice I have?
Love's a suicide pact
You destroyed my soul
I couldn't let you do that
And not respond with something
twice as cruel back?
I'm not the old Sean
I'm a new man whose rude and
I don't give a fuck about you
That's the truth ma'm
We was nothin'
I'ma let my nuts hang
Life's more important than a whore
and I stay up k?
I can't quit
I swore I'd make it one day
But what a joke
the only shit that my gut say
Screw my petty problems
cause everybody has got 'em
I'll probably die wanted for robbin'
somethin' so fuck me
I don't mean to complain, mope or wallow
but I got paid today and I'll be broke tomorrow
Life's a cold bitch
A hard load to swallow
Constant obstacles and pot holes
On the road to god knows where
But I'm distraught here
Caught up in the crosshairs
Bear my cross yeah
When I die who will all care?
Who will shed a tear
and appear at my funeral?
Who will feel low?
It's nearin' so soon you'll know
I wasn't so unusual
So fuck your superstition
Don't believe in god
Music's my religion

(Hannah May)
Moving away
Today going
Only escape
Void of emotion

(Joe Average)
Moving away
Running in place
Only embrace
Void of emotion

(Ben Holmes)
It had to be like 1990
I was 4 at 94 and Moross
Leading him across the street with my hand
Not perfect form
Still I felt like a boss
In control of the situation
Can't wait to get home and start
playin' with all of these games that he got me
Because I'm his only son and he loves me
Now we got these cars that'll roll by
Got these bars on the window
I don't know why
It's so hard in the middle of the winter
Gotta walk everywhere
Can't tell why we don't drive
Gold star depiction of a home life
Hold on to the sheets and the cold nights
For the most part I've been raised so blind
and I no longer question it
Hoping it runs its course
Now he's gotta get remarried
My birthday was the 26th
She died the 24th
He carried me very far on his shoulders
Going up to the park
With a pat on my head he'd say go play
Keeping a watchful ear out
for the things that I had to say
Sound off
Who's there
That gave me chills Dad
My memory has been ghost written
and though we're not blood related
You paid the bills and put food on the table
Still willing and able to fight for what you love
My friends act so surprised
I'm more proud of you than you will ever be of me
And that's why I'm

(Hannah May)
Moving away
Today going
Only escape
Void of emotion

(Joe Average)
Moving away
Running in place
Only embrace
Void of emotion
Track Name: Hometown
(Ben Holmes)
Said the Pelican to the saw dust
What are you doing to my piers?!?!
That year seems so far away
I don't recall if you paid in full
for the way you had us waiting
20 minutes to get the change of clothes
and a trip to the dentist had me trippin
when is it gunna slow?
Your thrift store sweatshirt
Doesn't make you an expert
That castle is still wet dirt
I expected the head first slide
When I taught em how to fish
And all they asked is
"How much is the net worth big guy?"
The end of the battle is bad for business
It's the inquisitive natured criminals
leaving fingerprints everywhere
Moving in with friends comfortably
fitting their love for speed
needing to be in touch with these
others every other second
please somebody smother me
I hate to say
The waters always cleaner at the other beach
Now the list of people I trust
I count on one digit
And sit in a box
Drumming the names
of those nobody misses
When they call I turn it down for half a minute
Only to check who it was
There is no chance of answerin it when

(Pick Up)
I'm sick of everything
Completely lackin interest
But I like to smoke beats to the butt like a cigarette
Watchin my parents pray to jesus for my forgiveness
while I'm thinkin gee ya'll "Has he even really risen yet?"
I must have missed it
I speak a bit too frequent
Only when I'm by myself though
shhh thats a secret
Shit am I a schizo?
I don't want to be well known
Screw a heard of nerds followin me into the pisser
grippin my elbow
Of course I wanna be heard
But hell no I'm not your "tickle me elmo"
All I desire is a guest verse
O.K. And a good paycheck I guess sure
Aspire to put my friends first
Buy all of metro Detroit Maybachs
what other famous rapper do you hear say that
heh word
I bet the earth is burnin up quicker than they'll convince us all
The worlds in debt
yeah to some rich old business boss
Dog listen to Pick Up's songs
if money keeps us in motion
Then why are there millions of other species
thrivin out in the ocean?
Ignorant of the bullshit that drags us back
Stay alive and fuck
Dog thats all nature asks
Thats what I'm teachin your daughters when they play this track
Stay Up or stay whack
Enough said
Yo where Ben Holmes and Hannah May at?

Oooh yeeeaah I'm back in my hometown!
Drive fast
Talk Loud
Oooh yeeeah I'm back in my hometown!
Drive faster
Talk loud

(Hannah May)
How are things gunna be when I'm gone?
Wish that I could stay but I gotta move on
If you think of me it wont be long
When its over we'll both know we were wrong
How have things been with me gone?
I've been away and I've moved on
I thought of you today
and had to come home
But soon I'll be on my way
I made it on my own

(Ben Holmes)
Swallow me whole
And follow me home
We can both
Fall asleep alone again